Resilience in Harmony, Unveiling ‘Old Soldier’ by Josh Stokes

“Old Soldier” resonates as an invigorating anthem, compelling listeners to persevere through challenges and pursue their passions. The song’s arresting melody leaves an indelible mark on the soul, serving as a formidable defense against future bouts of doubt or despair. It couldn’t arrive at a more crucial time, offering a powerful message of love and resilience in an era marked by internal and external strife.


Josh Stokes, a versatile Baltimore-bred artist, producer, and musician, stands as the creative force behind this compelling track. Over the past two decades, Stokes has shared his talents with an array of notable acts, leaving his mark on a diverse range of projects. From performing alongside Redman & Method Man to collaborating with Marsha Ambrosius, his musical journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Stokes possesses a remarkable ability to forge a profound connection with his audience, enveloping them in the raw emotion he channels through his art. His mission is clear: to traverse the globe, spreading the magic of his sound and creating transcendent moments wherever he lands. At the heart of his creative process lies a simple yet profound message – love yourself and cherish your family. This ethos shines through in his evolving body of work, showcasing his resilience and adaptability over time.

In the words of AfroPunk Magazine, “His music has a mind of its own… It’s like George Clinton and Questlove jamming in a garage with no pretense just talent.” Stokes, a true gem hailing from Baltimore, has cemented himself as a standout performer with an unwavering commitment to originality and authenticity. His music, a testament to the boundless power of imagination, is an ode to the limitless potential of the human spirit.

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