“Hit Song” by The Will McBride Group

The latest offering from The Will McBride Group, “Hit Song,” delves into the complexities of the modern music industry while embracing a timeless sound. This track is a harmonious blend of captivating guitars, introspective organ notes, and soothing, melodic vocals.


“Where rock, funk, blues & jazz intersect,” as they aptly describe their unique sound, The Will McBride Group takes inspiration from an eclectic array of influences. Imagine the groovy essence of Steely Dan infused with the soulful stylings of John Mayer, all while channeling the vocal prowess of Santana and the edginess of Stevie Wonder. It’s a musical fusion that defies categorization, creating a distinct sonic identity. With a performance history spanning over 700 shows, The Will McBride Group has graced stages across North Carolina, occasionally venturing into neighboring states. Their live presence has been marked by electrifying performances, sharing the stage with legendary acts like ZZ Top, Styx, and Eddie Money, to name just a few.

The band’s lineup is a testament to their diverse musical backgrounds and expertise. Will McBride, the band’s driving force, brings a wealth of experience as a guitarist, vocalist, composer, and producer. Ellis Merlin lays down the solid foundation on bass, while Michael Pelz Sherman infuses the ensemble with his keyboard wizardry. Bobby Johnson and Chris Conley, both accomplished drummers, contribute their rhythmic mastery to complete this powerhouse ensemble. With a new recording slated for release in October 2023, The Will McBride Group continues to evolve and refine their signature sound. Their music transcends genre, offering a rich, multifaceted experience for listeners. This band is not just a musical act; they are a testament to the enduring power of creativity and collaboration.

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