MUFASA RKG, Crafting Authentic Artistic Soundscapes in COCOA BUTTA 3

MUFASA RKG, the avant-garde Punk Experimental Hip Hop maestro hailing from New England, presents a unique sonic tapestry in COCOA BUTTA 3. While his repertoire usually leans towards the experimental and electro-rap, this latest project takes a detour towards a more intimate, soulful tone. It’s an expedition into life experiences and material reflections that resonate on a broader scale. MUFASA RKG collaborates with a collective of artists under the Bucket Fresh Studios label, all originating from Springfield, Massachusetts. The synergy among members, including TROUBLE T THE FIELD KING, KABOOM, NARDESIGNS, and KING POPZ, adds depth and diversity to the music’s creative landscape.


The COCOA BUTTA series, of which this is the third installment, pivots from the experimental to a more grounded, soulful soundscape. This shift allows for a deeper connection with the audience, evoking a sense of nostalgia with its boom bap beats and introspective lyricism. COCOA BUTTA 3 doesn’t shy away from the raw realities of life, offering glimpses into the complexities of relationships, self-discovery, and the cultural nuances shaping Black America. It’s a profound journey from brokenness to renewal and back, woven with the wisdom of collaborators who add their soulful perspectives to the narrative.

In the words of MUFASA RKG, this project is a testament to the transformative power of art: “The music is art and I make art music only.” With COCOA BUTTA 3, listeners embark on an odyssey of introspection, healing, and an unapologetic celebration of human imperfections. It’s a musical voyage that demands attention and offers an experience beyond the ordinary.

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