Presenting the Maestros of Melody, Tarek Amer and Nassim Nafaa

Greetings to all those who find refuge in the mesmerizing world of soundscapes! Let me unveil a harmonious partnership that has been orchestrating captivating musical stories – Tarek Amer and Nassim Nafaa, two virtuoso Syrian DJs and producers. Their narrative is a testament to tenacity, ardor, and an unwavering commitment to their craft.

Tarek Amer and Nassim Nafaa

Individually certified by the prestigious Pete Tong DJ Academy, their collective journey spans an impressive span of over 9 years. The journey commenced in 2015, as they embarked on solo voyages as DJs, navigating the intricate currents of rhythm and beats. Through collaborations with diverse companies, they navigated an array of musical genres, etching their names as accomplished professional DJs.

Yet, their journey is not one of mere triumph; it’s a tribute to their resilience amidst trying circumstances. Hailing from Syria, where resources are often scarce, they’ve masterfully transmuted limitations into catalysts for innovation. Amidst challenges such as electricity shortages and a dearth of professional equipment, their ingenious spirits have thrived, birthing a unique sonic identity.

Against all odds, they’ve flourished. Last year, their individual paths merged, giving birth to a harmonious collaboration that harmonizes their artistic visions. Their forte lies in crafting melodies that span the spectrum from melodic to progressive-house and techno, weaving an auditory masterpiece that transcends borders, speaking a universal language. Their artistic prowess extends beyond music’s realm. They’ve ventured into scenic design and music management, enriching their portfolio and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Tarek Amer and Nassim Nafaa cordially invite you to join them on their symphonic expedition, where each note resonates with their unwavering dedication. They are more than performers; they are conduits of emotion, breathing life into every composition. As they unveil the chapters of their symphony, their aspiration is to inspire, captivate, and etch an enduring imprint on the global music stage.


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2 thoughts on “Presenting the Maestros of Melody, Tarek Amer and Nassim Nafaa

  1. Great track !
    And what a wonderful story that ends in a collaboration that might lead to worldwide fame 👏

    I got hopes for those two

  2. Wonderful track guys!!
    I enjoyed myself listening to the track and reading about you two.

    I’ll get in touch soon and make an offer for collaboration

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