Whispers of Love: Exploring The Pulltops’ Evocative New Single ‘With You’

“With You” emerges as The Pulltops’ sixth single release this year, showcasing their penchant for blending 80’s inspired synth melodies with a modern twist. This distinctive approach, drawing from a diverse range of influences, characterizes their musical journey in 2023. The band’s collaborative spirit shines through as they actively seek to engage with writers and blogs, establishing a partnership that mutually supports and promotes their music.


Hailing from Milwaukee, The Pulltops, composed of drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell, channel their shared love for Indie Rock, Power Pop, and Album Rock into a hook-laden sound that’s all their own. Their musical union was forged on a foundation of pop sensibilities, even as their individual tastes spanned genres from old country and soul to experimental and underground sounds. This diverse palette of influences permeates their songwriting, resulting in a fusion of classic pop and indie rock elements with a unique twist.

The latest offering, “With You,” is a testament to their nostalgic affection for 80’s synth pop. However, true to their style, The Pulltops infuse a modern anthemic production with layers of dynamic drums and guitar. At first glance, the song exudes the warmth of a love ballad, but as the chorus unfolds, it reveals a raw and powerful undercurrent of emotion, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. “With You” is a poignant musical journey that showcases The Pulltops’ ability to seamlessly weave the past and present, creating an immersive sonic experience for their listeners.

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