Delta’s Delight D3lta’s ‘Happy Out Of Love’ – A Contemporary Anthem of Liberation

D3lta’s latest release, “Happy Out Of Love,” is a breath of fresh air in the contemporary music scene. Seamlessly blending 80s influences with a modern twist, this track stands out as a brilliant take on the classic breakup anthem. Currently accompanying Scouting For Girls on their UK tour, D3lta has the crowd clamoring for more, and it’s no wonder why. The track, set to drop on November 1st, is already creating waves as D3lta is slated for features on BBC Radio 2 and an interview on BBC 5 Live, along with appearances on various regional radio stations. The artist’s trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric, and his collaboration with Max Wolfgang (known for his work with Ed Sheeran, Macklemore, Ashnikko, Olivia Dean) and the production prowess of Jim Abbiss (credited with Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Adele, Tom Walker) only solidify the anticipation.


D3lta, an Anglo-Greek artist, has carved a unique path, breaking free from stereotypes and labels. His journey, marked by poignant songwriting and a distinctive style, gained momentum with his single “Strange” playlisted by 40 major radio stations in Greece. Now, with “Happy Out Of Love,” he explores a vivacious breakup theme, employing uptempo beats, playful piano sounds, and captivating vocal arrangements. It’s a track that invites movement, despite its serious undertones. Influenced by iconic figures like Jim Morrison, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger, and Paul McCartney, D3lta’s musical evolution is a fascinating exploration of varied styles—from rock to exuberant pop. “Happy Out Of Love” pays homage to the cheekiness and humor of the 70s, with David Bowie leaving an indelible imprint on D3lta’s style.

The accompanying music video, shot by the rising star Roisino, complements the track’s celebratory essence, capturing the charm of a West End musical combined with the energy of a modern pop song. D3lta sums it up as a “celebration of being single,” and with his name symbolizing change, his music and style promise an exciting journey ahead. “Happy Out Of Love” marks a significant step in D3lta’s artistic evolution, and as he looks forward to the next chapter, we can’t help but anticipate the continued innovation and vibrancy this promising artist brings to the music scene.

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