“Innocent Sinner” by h. eldritch A Cinematic Journey Through the Fringes of Indie-Folk and Electronica

In a year that’s seen him grace the legendary Glastonbury Festival stage four times, London-based artist and producer Harry Houseago, under the moniker h. eldritch, unveils his genre-blurring masterpiece, “Innocent Sinner.” This dark and mystical track weaves mischievous lyricism with the artistry of ingenious fingerstyle guitar and a monumental, cinematic chorus that reverberates through the soul.


H. eldritch’s musical odyssey ventures beyond the conventional boundaries, residing on the outskirts of indie-folk, dirty electronica, and the grandeur of arena rock. Building on the acclaim garnered from Wonderland Magazine’s ‘New Noise,’ where his previous single, “Amateur Anthropology,” was hailed for its fusion of meticulously crafted acoustic guitar compositions and inventive electronics, the anticipation for “Innocent Sinner” is palpable. For those who find solace in the echoes of Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard, and enthusiasts of A24’s modern folk horror, h. eldritch offers an ethereal experience, transcending the ordinary. The artist’s ability to merge ghostly atmospheres with machine-like precision is showcased brilliantly in this upcoming single.

As the sonic journey unfolds, “Innocent Sinner” invites listeners into a realm where Harry’s evocative imagery, atmospheric tones, and dynamic vocal performance collide. Drawing parallels with the likes of Wunderhorse and the folkier moments of Led Zeppelin, the track strikes a delicate balance between tenderness and brooding intensity. The tension steadily mounts, culminating in a climactic explosion of fuzzed-out acoustic guitar, as Harry’s voice boldly asserts, “I am innocent…” With the promise of an extraordinary 2024 on the horizon, h. eldritch is poised to deliver more encounters with the spectral and the mechanical. “Innocent Sinner” is not just a song; it’s a sonic voyage that immerses you in the enigmatic world of h. eldritch, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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