“Wingspan” by Hana Piranha A Clandestine Revolution in Modern Alternative Rock

Hana Piranha’s latest creation, “Wingspan,” is more than just an album; it’s a clandestine revolution against the worn-out tropes of modern alternative rock. In an era dominated by metrics, Hana Piranha resurrects the essence of music driven by talent, tenacity, and truth. “Wingspan” is a sonic journey that transcends the boundaries of conventional alternative music, bringing it back to its beating heart. Conceived initially as a solo project, Hana Piranha’s vision has evolved into a formidable force, culminating in the powerhouse band we witness on ‘Wingspan,’ featuring Jim (Guitar), Andy (Drums), and Mishkin (Bass). The album, a labor of love spanning three years, reflects a commitment to craftsmanship, energy, and mastery, elevating each track beyond the mundane.


With influences as diverse as Nine Inch Nails, Lana Del Rey, PJ Harvey, My Chemical Romance, and Muse, “Wingspan” defies easy categorization. From the ethereal strings and rasping vocals of the opening track “Azure” to the thunderous rock anthem of the titular closing track, the album offers a dynamic journey through the light and dark realms that Hana Piranha inhabits. Hana Piranha’s dedication to her craft is palpable, and “Wingspan” emerges as a battle cry for the future, rooted in the timeless heritage of rock. The album transcends a mere collection of songs; it’s a narrative of self-development, a journey from self-destruction to embracing one’s full potential. As Hana herself articulates, “Wingspan” symbolizes a positive exploration of the vast potential that extends beyond external perceptions.

In a musical landscape where authenticity and talent are regaining prominence, “Wingspan” is a beacon guiding us toward a future where music resonates with truth and passion. For enthusiasts of the alternative genre, Hana Piranha’s “Wingspan” is not just an addition to the music library; it’s a transformative experience. For those yet uninitiated, this album marks the commencement of a journey into uncharted musical territories. “Wingspan” is set to release worldwide on streaming platforms on November 17th, 2023, heralding a new era in alternative music.

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