Will Sims Unleashes Raw Emotion in ‘You Have a Voice, Use It’

In ‘You Have a Voice, Use It,’ Will Sims lays bare his innermost emotions with an intensity that resonates deeply. This collection of songs serves as a powerful conduit for the artist’s anger, regrets, and acceptance of the past. Each track is a testament to the unbridled energy that courses through Sims’ veins. Recorded at Seventh Wave Records in Palmyra, PA, and masterfully mixed at The Doep End Studio in Middle River, MD, the album showcases robust drumming, intense guitar riffs, commanding vocals, and driving melodies. ‘Lose Control’ enthralls with its pulsating basslines and interwoven guitar artistry, while ‘Fears’ begins as an intimate ballad, gradually building to an epic crescendo. The album culminates with ‘Where Are You Now?’ and ‘You Have a Voice, Use It,’ both delivering an intense musical experience.


Sims’ songwriting delves into themes of love, societal relationships, mental health, and self-discovery. ‘Fears’ is an emotive ode to finding solace in another, while ‘Move It or Lose It’ confronts the consequences of living life on the edge. ‘What Are You Doing?’ challenges our growing dependency on social media and dwindling face-to-face interactions. ‘I Should Never Have Given Up on You’ emerges as a beacon of hope, inspiring introspection and personal growth.

With over a decade in the Baltimore music scene, Sims’ fusion of Rock, Alternative, and Pop influences results in a diverse repertoire. His ability to craft heartfelt ballads, anthemic singalongs, and high-energy stadium rock is evident throughout. ‘You Have a Voice, Use It’ stands as a testament to Sims’ evolution as a musician, promising to leave a profound impact on listeners worldwide.


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