Emergence Sydney Jones Unveils ‘Out Of The Matrix

“Out Of The Matrix” is a sonic voyage, a progressive rock odyssey that transcends conventional boundaries. It’s a musical revelation, urging us to ascend to a higher frequency of existence, liberated from the confinements and restrictions of our daily lives. In essence, it’s a call to break free from the metaphorical “matrix” that binds us. Sydney Jones, the brilliant mind behind this sonic tapestry, unveiled this soul-stirring composition on August 11th, 2023. Crafted and produced at the Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ, it’s a testament to Sydney’s multifaceted talents. The track resonates with a profound desire for freedom, casting the word “Matrix” as a symbol for the societal pressures that often stifle our true selves. Through her poignant lyrics, Sydney artfully navigates the awakening of a collective truth, a revelation that dismantles the forces of control.


Sydney’s musical journey is steeped in a reverence for nature, evident in her earlier works like “Mother Earth” (2021) and “The Journey” (2023). These compositions echo a deep connection with the Earth, embodying a sense of rootedness and unity. She aptly dubs her genre as ‘Rhythm & Sunshine’, a label that encapsulates her penchant for uplifting melodies devoid of melancholy undertones. The emergence of “Out Of The Matrix” marks a new venture into the rock genre for Sydney, a fitting choice for the intensity of her message. The chorus, with its powerful declaration of freedom, demanded a melody with an edge, distinct from her previous works. Sydney’s artistry is not confined to vocals; she is a self-taught pianist, now expanding her repertoire to include guitar, drums, and bass. As a producer and mix engineer, this multi-instrumental proficiency enriches her creative process.

Hailing from the vibrant tapestry of New York City, Sydney’s musical DNA is woven from the rich fabric of diversity and creativity that defines the city. From poetry to songwriting, her journey has been a quest for self-expression. Collaborative ventures with fellow artists and producers invigorate her creative spirit, broadening her musical horizons. More than a songwriter, Sydney views her craft as a conduit for spreading love. “Out Of The Matrix” embodies this ethos, an anthem of empowerment, hope, and liberation. Through her music, Sydney Jones ignites a spark of purpose, inviting us all to journey with her towards a higher frequency of existence.

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