Embracing Change Belle Butler’s ‘Quick’

In the relentless march of time, Belle Butler finds solace in her latest release, ‘Quick.’ This poignant composition emerged from a phase of life suspended between moments, a period where time seemed to slip through her fingers while she stood still.The song took on new significance as Belle’s youngest ventured into school, marking the passage of eight years since her journey into motherhood began. Suddenly, she found herself in a quietude that felt disorienting, a shift from the whirlwind of raising babies and toddlers.


To grapple with this newfound stillness and to convey the emotional turbulence she experienced, Belle crafted a whimsical stop-motion video using hundreds of leaves to accompany ‘Quick.’ The visual narrative mirrors the universal experience of change, interwoven with Belle’s personal journey of grief and acceptance during her daughter’s inaugural year of school. Through this creative endeavor, Belle reveals the inherent beauty within transformation – for every loss, there lies the potential for rebirth.

Belle Butler’s ‘Quick’ is an ode to the fluidity of life, an acknowledgment of the inevitable changes that shape our existence. It speaks to the heart with a resonance reminiscent of luminaries like Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, and Billy Bragg. Belle’s music is not mere melody and lyrics; it is a conduit for the raw and authentic human experience, laid bare for all to hear.

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