wht.rbbt.obj’s ‘No Rainbows In Indiana’: A Raw Sonic Journey of Loss and Hope

wht.rbbt.obj delivers a powerful rock and indie track with ‘No Rainbows In Indiana,’ plunging into the depths of raw emotion. The song uses Indiana, stripped of its usual vibrancy, as a metaphor for loss and despair, while paying homage to Chicago, evoking feelings of displacement and yearning for home. From poignant verses about lost love to overarching themes of melancholy, this emotionally charged track is a poignant addition for playlists that seek to evoke contemplation and depth.


As a prelude to their upcoming EP, wht.rbbt.obj introduces “No Rainbows In Indiana,” a track that immerses the listener in a heart-pounding ride through rain-soaked roads and empty farmlands, all while River Toussaint Rabbitte, the femme fatale chauffeur, steers the band forward. The song serves as a lament for what’s been left behind and a plea to be taken back home. Its gritty, bluesy, and seductive tones mirror the city it longs to return to – the Old Chicago. wht.rbbt.obj, the “White Rabbit Object,” hailing from Chicago, Illinois, is an alternative rock ensemble led by the dynamic femme fatale duo, Frank and River Rabbitte. Their music, characterized by NPR’s Greg Kot as having “the dirtiest groove,” defies easy classification. With influences ranging from PJ Harvey to Amy Winehouse, they craft a highly harmonized, distinctive sound that’s uniquely their own.

Their latest release, “Whiskey Hotel Tango,” promises to be an exploration of their alternative, stadium rock, and blues influences. From the blues ballad “Keep You Like A Secret” to the anthemic “Queen’s Gambit,” the EP refuses to be confined to one genre. With five dynamic tracks, this release is set to captivate listeners and make a lasting mark on the music scene. Look out for the full EP this November, as wht.rbbt.obj continues to redefine sonic boundaries.

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