Shane Rennison’s ‘Nice To Meet You’ EP A Heartfelt Sonic Journey Through Emotions and Memories

Shane Rennison’s latest EP, “Nice To Meet You,” offers a sincere collection of five tracks that provide a window into Rennison’s wide-ranging emotions and his cherished home in the Catskill Mountains of New York. It’s a place where he’s forged memories that fuel his music, drawing inspiration from the likes of The 1975, Passion Pit, and Harry Styles to create a sound that’s both crafted and effortlessly pop-infused.


Rennison’s connection to the Catskills is palpable; it’s a place of solace and creativity for him. “You can hear yourself think. You can feel yourself breathe. It’s home,” he reflects. Collaborating with Julian Giaimo, a skilled composer and audio engineer, the two have woven a narrative that encompasses a range of emotions. Lead single “Cold Winter” captures the essence of nostalgia, showcasing Rennison’s growth and perspective as he revisits an old flame. Meanwhile, “Ghost” incorporates funk elements, delivering a poignant reflection on a fading relationship. Tracks like “Another Chance” and “Drunk” delve into themes of love, loss, and self-discovery, while “Temptations” infuses a tropical, upbeat energy.

Rennison’s journey from the Catskills to Florida and Paris, and back home again, serves as the backdrop for this musical odyssey. It’s a testament to self-discovery, realizing that the power to shape one’s reality lies within. With an eye on the future, Rennison and Giaimo are already crafting a full-length album set for release in 2024. This EP is a glimpse into Rennison’s musical evolution, promising even more growth and creativity on the horizon.

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