Wasson!? Unleashes Punk with a Shot of Rum in “Shoulder to Shoulder”

Pour yourself a rum and brace for the energetic punk vibes of Cornish band Wasson!? in their latest single, “Shoulder to Shoulder.” A five-piece ensemble with a hint of Italian flair, the group hails from Bude, Cornwall, and comprises Ryan Leverton (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Clarke (Guitar), Brook Osborne (Bass/Guitar), Ben Edwards (Drums), and Igor Forsinetti (Keyboard/Bass). Wasson!? infuses their music with a mix of influences, from the West Coast punk rock scene to the dub and reggae elements favored by bassist Brook.


The track “Shoulder to Shoulder” serves as the debut single from Wasson!? and offers a glimpse into their soon-to-be-released album. Despite their light-hearted approach and cheeky gig reviews, the band delves into a more serious theme with this single, exploring the depths of brotherly love and loss. Co-written by Paul O’Brien, the lyrics resonate with a poignant reflection on parenting, love, and even a touch of politics. The band’s mantra, however, remains rooted in not taking life too seriously, reflecting their ethos of having fun and enjoying the camaraderie with friends. Wasson!? embodies a unique punk spirit that embraces the highs and lows of life.

Recorded and mixed by Jon Matthews at Cellar Club Studios and Neon Frog Studios, “Shoulder to Shoulder” captures the essence of Wasson!?’s spirited sound. As the first single from their upcoming debut album, the track marks a significant step for Wasson!?, blending their signature upbeat style with a heartfelt exploration of life’s meaningful connections. Get ready to raise a glass and join Wasson!? in the infectious revelry of “Shoulder to Shoulder.”

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