“Jump Start” by Elisha A Fusion of Jazz and Techno Igniting a Fresh Dance Vibe

Brooklyn-based experimental electronic trio Pink Noize, led by Elisha Henis Miklosh (synth), Yonatan Farhi (bass), and Shai Yuval (drums), unveils their latest track, “Jump Start.” Breaking away from conventional dance tunes, this unique mix of jazz and techno showcases the band’s main expertise, creating a fresh sound that is both novel and irresistibly dance-worthy.


The trio’s proficiency in blending captivating and danceable rhythms with spontaneous elements defines the character of “Jump Start.” The track emanates a catchy beat and a spontaneous vibe, setting it apart from the average dance track. Pink Noize’s musical exploration delves into the boundaries of jazz and techno, creating an electrifying fusion that leaves a lasting impression on the listener. Pink Noize’s members, each bringing their distinctive skills to the mix, contribute to the dynamic and multifaceted nature of their music. Elisha Henis Miklosh on synth, Yonatan Farhi on bass, and Shai Yuval on drums collectively craft a sonic experience that captures the essence of their live performances.

Influenced by artists like James Blake, Now Vs Now, and Big Yuki, Pink Noize aims to bring a “live” take to electronic dance music. The ethos behind “Jump Start” lies in the seamless combination of acoustic elements and heavy electronic productions, offering a glimpse into the unique and immersive atmosphere of Pink Noize’s live shows. “Jump Start” stands as a testament to Pink Noize’s ability to push musical boundaries and deliver an innovative blend of genres, marking their presence in the vibrant and ever-evolving electronic music scene.

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