Melroze Redefines Drill with Scottish Flair in “Who’s That”


In the realm of hip-hop, Glasgow-based artist Melroze, born Ian Melrose, stands as a dynamic force, a fusion of skill and authenticity. With over a decade dedicated to his craft, Melroze has become a prominent figure in Scottish rap and hip-hop, earning the reputation of one of the hardest-working artists in the scene. His latest single, “Who’s That,” delivers a unique blend of drill music and Scottish culture, aiming to captivate listeners both north and south of the UK. “Who’s That” is a testament to Melroze’s commitment to pushing boundaries. Blurring the lines between rapper and artist, he effortlessly weaves intricate words into thought-provoking lyricism, showcasing a versatility that challenges his peers. The track, a drill anthem with grime and trap influences, goes beyond the ordinary, leaving listeners genuinely intrigued and asking, “Seriously, who’s that?” The uniqueness of “Who’s That” lies in Melroze’s ability to infuse the hard-hitting drill beats with his Scottish influences. The bagpipe sample that kicks off the track is a nod to his roots, providing a broad-based appeal while maintaining authenticity. The introduction sets the stage for an unexpected drill stunner, embodying the diversity that sets this masterpiece apart.

As the track progresses, Melroze’s lyrical prowess takes center stage, riding the heavy wave of the beat with engaging hooks that make it an undeniable anthem. His effortless, charming delivery and confidence leave an indelible mark on listeners, creating a hunger for more of his golden hip-hop jams. Adding to the excitement, Melroze has released an official music video for “Who’s That”. From the snippets available, it promises to be an eye-catching visual complement to the high-caliber track, showcasing Melroze’s dedication to pushing not only his career but also the recognition of Scottish hip-hop on the global stage. With “Who’s That,” Melroze has crafted more than just a drill anthem; he’s delivered a sonic experience that transcends borders and demands attention.

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