Unveiling Depths The Hiddn’s ‘Whatevrman’—An Ode to Artistic Integrity and Collective Wellbeing

The Hiddn, a post-grunge, alternative punk-rock trio, emerges with a profound message in their latest acoustic single, “Whatevrman,” the harbinger of their upcoming 13-track album slated for release in September 2024. Positioned as the lead track, its significance lies in its poignant exploration of the multifaceted dynamics within the realm of art and existence.


This acoustic piece serves as a critique and commentary on the intricate relationships between creators, patrons, promoters, and consumers of art. “Whatevrman” delves into the nuanced layers of societal behaviors, addressing individuals who embody the apathetic “it is what it is” mindset. It invites reflection on the self, the impatient friend, the litterer, the bullied child, or the disillusioned artist, encapsulating the myriad personas encompassed by the concept of “Whatevrman.”

In its essence, the song opposes the passive acceptance of circumstances, advocating for a collective rejection of the status quo. The Hiddn urges listeners to challenge the prevailing apathy, emphasizing the innate positive goodwill that can contribute to collective wellbeing in diverse ways. The trio, comprised of Stevoo (lead singer/guitarist), Matt (bassist, backing vocals), and Luca (drummer, backing vocals), captures the raw energy and intensity reminiscent of the ’90s alternative rock scene. “Whatevrman” not only serves as a musical prelude but also as a thought-provoking anthem against conformity, encouraging a transformative shift towards a more conscientious and connected society.

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