Narcissist Unleashed Andrew Flynn’s Emotional Journey Through Love and Resilience

Andrew Flynn’s latest single, “Narcissist,” is a riveting exploration of love and loss, delivered by the passionate vocals of a proud queer artist. Hailing from the UK, Flynn combines his background as a stage performer with a love for the dramatic, infusing his music with raw emotion that captivates listeners.


The single, produced in collaboration with Connor Speechly, introduces an 80s vibe, drawing inspiration from male singers of that era. While Flynn acknowledges that “Narcissist” may have some rough edges and is a work in progress, he invites listeners to recognize the potential this track holds.

As a proud LGBT artist who grew up gay in the 80s, Flynn uses his personal experiences to inform his songwriting, aiming to be a positive representation for others. The song delves into the complexities of unrequited love, exploring the trauma of loving someone incapable of reciprocating. The dark and deep lyrics resonate with Flynn’s journey, and despite the challenging subject matter, the music carries an uplifting quality. With a synthpop sound, a pulsating beat, and a profound message, “Narcissist” stands as a testament to resilience and personal growth. Flynn describes the song as therapy, highlighting the energy and collaboration that brought this powerful piece to life.

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