Enigmatic Eclipses, Benedict Sinister’s Electrifying Remix Journey with ‘You Dance In The Club’

Benedict Sinister, the enigmatic French/Australian music artist often hailed as the “Banksy of music,” unveils his latest sonic creation, “You Dance In The Club (Those Giants Remix),” a lounge rendition of his recent single “Only Sixteen.” Collaborating with Los Angeles-based DJ and artist Christian B, this remix introduces an electrifying rooftop lounge vibe to Sinister’s distinctive fusion of spoken word poetry and lounge beats. The remix is a subtle yet infectious piece of classic electronica, creating an irresistible ambiance for the dancefloor. Sinister’s gruff spoken word verses, such as “so broke, I couldn’t afford to cry” and “It would better to just let you go / Say I loved you too much as my reason why,” are scattered throughout, adding a layer of contemplative depth to the pulsating rhythm.


Benedict Sinister’s artistic identity is shrouded in mystery, described as a boundary-pushing, revered musical veteran. His unconventional approach involves concealing his identity and reinterpreting the work of others, a deviation from the current emphasis on originality and visibility. Gigsoup likens his music to “Leonard Cohen warped into EDM in the coolest way possible,” while Artistrack describes it as a “fusion of adult alternative and chill house.”

Collaborating with Christian B, a seasoned DJ and influential tastemaker in electronic music, Sinister has once again crafted a unique and captivating sound. “Only Sixteen,” the original track, is an English adaptation of the Italian trap song “Autostima” by Psicologi. Sinister’s translation and addition of a new verse, featuring his trademark references, showcase his prowess in reinterpreting diverse musical landscapes. In an era dominated by originality, visibility, and authenticity, Benedict Sinister’s contrarian stance sets him apart. Refusing to reveal his face and embracing obscurity, he challenges conventional norms, a choice that has led to social media account losses and video removals, reflecting the clash between artistic expression and external constraints.

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