Unraveling Chaos, MAL’s Audacious Journey in ‘Come To Light’


“Come To Light” by MAL is a wild ride through a chaotic world. This album, composed of 15 new songs, showcases the band’s versatility as they explore various genres within Rock/Alternative. It’s a testament to their creativity that they managed to complete two older unreleased songs while locked in their studio during the pandemic.

What sets this album apart is its structure. Unlike their previous works, which consisted of seven songs, “Come To Light” offers a longer, immersive experience. The decision to break up the 15 songs into 20 tracks, using interludes to transition between emotions, creates a sonic journey that feels like running across the skin of a giant, mental, sonic octopus. The lead single, “For Brevity,” stands out as a love song that delves into the complexities of self-loathing and lost love. It’s a refreshing departure from their usual style, offering a short yet impactful experience. This track showcases their ability to craft a memorable, bar-burning anthem.

Drawing influences from a wide range of artists like Pink Floyd, Deftones, and David Bowie, MAL’s sound is a unique blend of Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Hard Rock, and more. They manage to infuse familiar melodies with unexpected chord progressions and arrangements, creating a sound that’s both dynamic and aggressive. With a string of successful shows and a dedicated following, MAL’s impact on the music scene is undeniable. Their ability to create music that defies categorization is a testament to their originality and artistry. “Come To Light” is an album that invites listeners on an unforgettable sonic journey, leaving them strangely uplifted and hungry for more.

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