Emerging Depths, Pelikan Rogue’s ‘Crawl’ Unravels a Dark Tale of Excess

Pelikan Rogue’s latest single, ‘Crawl,’ signifies a remarkable evolution in their sound, thanks to the addition of keyboardist Gavin Lauchlan. His intricate layers of synths and dynamic dance piano breathe new life into the band’s repertoire. Gus Manson’s guitar work is nothing short of exceptional, with a hook that embeds itself in your ear and a solo that resonates across concert halls nationwide.


Building on the success of their 2019 hit ‘Podium Queen,’ which celebrated vocalist Scott Russell’s dancer wife, the band took a more contemplative turn in 2023 with ‘The Vet.’ This track, a live favorite, once again featured the collaborative efforts of J.P. Reid from Succiopero & Marmaduke Duke, alongside the skilled Ayrshire producer Tony Strachan. Pelikan Rogue’s rhythm section, composed of Andy Strachan on bass and Adrian Chow on drums, provides an unwavering foundation for the band’s sound. With the addition of guitarist Gus Manson, the group introduces soaring solos and hooks that enrapture audiences from Liverpool’s Cavern Club to Glasgow’s King Tuts, and even to bustling festivals.

While ‘Crawl’ exudes an infectious, upbeat vibe, there’s a dark undercurrent in Russell’s lyrics, serving as a cautionary tale of excess and ill-fated choices. This juxtaposition of lively music and introspective storytelling showcases the band’s ability to craft songs that resonate on multiple levels, leaving listeners both energized and contemplative. Pelikan Rogue’s trajectory in 2023 is undeniably marked by a growing musical maturity and a promise of even greater heights to come.

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