UNKLE NATUR by 9 o’clock Nasty A Sonic Odyssey into the Wilderness of Environmental Reflection

In the ever-changing landscape of musical innovation, 9 o’clock Nasty introduces a wicked uncle with a twinkle in his eye—meet UNKLE NATUR. The latest single, set to be released on November 18th, 2023, challenges the conventional notions of Mother Nature’s nurturing presence. Instead, Nature arrives at your doorstep reeking of beer, proffering pills and sweets, raising questions about trust and the potential destruction it might bring.


UNKLE NATUR is not here to simply play; it demands a toll, both in the form of grinding hip-hop beats battling garage rock anthems and electro-dub melodies smothered in indie freak show nonsense. This single charts the bold new musical direction for 9 o’clock Nasty—a direction that promises to punch harder, leaving us to ponder forgiveness amidst the musical turmoil. 9 o’clock Nasty’s Ted Pepper acknowledges the absence of an environmental rallying call for the 2020s, emphasizing the urgency to address the futility of destructive practices. Denial is dismissed as pointless, replaced by the mantra that acceptance is everything. The impending release serves as step one for the new album, tentatively titled “WELCOME TO CROWLAND,” hinting at a musical journey that veers into uncharted territories.

The forthcoming UNKLE NATUR release is not just a song; it’s a musical reckoning that confronts our collective impact on the planet. As the world awaits the sonic storm set to hit streaming channels, YouTube, and SoundCloud, 9 o’clock Nasty invites us to buckle up for a ride into the enigmatic soundscape of UNKLE NATUR—a ride where brooding silence follows, urging us to leave our coats and step into the night. It’s an invitation to a musical adventure that resonates far beyond the beats and melodies, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

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