Seasonal Falls’ Debut ‘Reach for Nearby’ A Folky Prelude to Indie Bliss

Seasonal Falls emerges on the music scene with their debut single, “Reach for Nearby,” offering a glimpse into their upcoming album set to release in mid-2024. The brainchild of Switzerland-based songwriter Roman Gabriel (previously of The Kind Hills and The Dentals), Seasonal Falls infuses their music with a blend of indie-pop, indie-folk, and indie rock, encapsulating a deep passion for the quirky indie sounds of the 90s.


“Reach for Nearby” takes a step into the folky side of indie, providing a delightful introduction to the band’s laid-back vibes and coy lyrics. The song, while celebrating the joy of being lazy, manages to convey a sense of frugality and contentment, creating a musical space that feels both familiar and fresh. The heartwarming tracks, marked by Andrew Pelletier’s unique and emotive vocals, showcase Seasonal Falls’ dedication to crafting acoustic, delicate, and harmonious compositions. Beyond the surface, the music carries antithetical qualities, blending melancholy with upliftment, silliness with sincerity, and simplicity with intrigue.

As Seasonal Falls aims to get their debut song reviewed, it sets the stage for the upcoming album’s promotion. With a first single expected in January, the band’s journey is just beginning, and “Reach for Nearby” serves as a promising prologue to what awaits in the world of Seasonal Falls. This debut release not only establishes Seasonal Falls as a noteworthy presence in the indie music scene but also leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the musical treasures they have yet to unveil.

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