Submerged Brilliance Hoos Collective’s ‘Deep’ EP Unveils a Luminous Jazz-Hip-Hop Odyssey

Embark on a luminous underwater journey as Hoos Collective invites you to dive into their debut EP, ‘Deep.’ Imagine a captivating beam of light dancing beneath the ocean’s surface, casting enchanting shadows on the seabed. ‘Deep’ is not just an EP; it’s a portal to a world of immersive soundscapes where jazz and hip-hop seamlessly intertwine, creating a soul-stirring tapestry of music.


Active on the vibrant London jazz scene, Hoos Collective has crafted a sonic masterpiece that pulls you into its many whirlpools. Gyrating piano and guitars, surging horns, and a sonorous rhythm section create an introspective and glimmering experience. The six virtuoso musicians of Hoos Collective showcase their commitment to the art of music, presenting an auditory adventure that transcends boundaries. The ‘Deep’ EP, featuring tracks like ‘Kora Kora,’ ‘Mesmerise,’ and ‘Creatures of Habit,’ marks the culmination of Hoos Collective’s artistic evolution. Every note, rhythm, and melody has been meticulously crafted, resonating with listeners on a profound level. The band’s journey from passionate renditions of jazz classics to the creation of original material demonstrates their magnetic pull of creativity.

Premiered at 91 Living Room’s renowned Jazz Re:freshed night on November 2nd and showcased on Reprezent Radio, ‘Deep’ is set to captivate global audiences on major streaming platforms. Hoos Collective’s dedication to producing beautiful, sensational music echoes in every track, promising a sonic journey that transcends conventional boundaries. As the band puts it, “When we first heard the tracks back, we couldn’t believe how beautiful they were sounding. We knew then it was going to be sensational.” Get ready to be enchanted by the musical gems waiting to be discovered in the depths of ‘Deep.’

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