“Turn Back” Kelsie Kimberlin’s Resonant Plea for Ukraine’s Restoration

In “Turn Back,” the third installment of Kelsie Kimberlin’s Ukrainian trilogy, the artist delivers a powerful plea intertwined with a poignant musical composition. Filmed in the heart of Ukraine, the video serves as a visual chronicle of the ongoing war, amplifying President Zelensky’s call for artists to use their platforms in the face of injustice. Kimberlin’s previous releases, “Armageddon” and “Another Chance to Live Again,” garnered widespread attention, and “Turn Back” continues this impactful narrative.


The song carries multiple layers of meaning, addressing both personal and collective struggles. For many, it serves as a heartfelt plea to return to what matters most, symbolized by the refrain “Turn Back.” However, at its core, the song is a rallying cry for the millions of Ukrainian refugees to return home and actively contribute to the country’s reconstruction. Through emotive lyrics and haunting melodies, Kimberlin captures the longing of families separated by war and pays homage to those who sacrificed their lives in defense of Ukraine.

The video, featuring images of fallen soldiers on the “Wall of Remembrance” and destroyed enemy tanks, immerses viewers in the stark reality faced by Ukrainians. Kimberlin skillfully weaves together a narrative of resilience, strength, and the unwavering spirit of the Ukrainian people. Her harmonies, presented in a polyphonic form, create a captivating and haunting effect, echoing the collective voice of a nation enduring hardship. As a chronicler of modern Ukrainian history, Kelsie Kimberlin extends an invitation to a global audience: to witness, empathize, and actively support the Ukrainian people in reclaiming their rightful place of love, happiness, and independence. “Turn Back” stands not only as a musical work but as a testament to the indomitable human spirit amidst adversity.

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