“Fade Away” Carson Aday’s Authentic Odyssey Through Faith and Music

Carson Aday’s latest single, “Fade Away,” unveils the inner struggles of an emerging artist navigating the turbulent waters of moral and religious dilemmas within the music industry. The multi-instrumental prowess of Aday, complemented by drummer Jonathan Peace and bassist Payton Seiler, resulted in a retro-infused sound captured at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, MN, under the guidance of producers Nick Tveitbakk and Scott Ayers.


Having commenced his musical journey at 18, Aday’s influences range from classical maestros like Beethoven and Chopin to the rock vibes of The Strokes, The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Fleetwood Mac. His classical piano training and a deep appreciation for jazz legends further contribute to the unique blend that defines his debut album, “Midnight on a Flower Moon.” “Fade Away” delves into Aday’s fear of losing his Christian faith amid the pitfalls of the music industry. The lyrics encapsulate the artist’s commitment to staying grounded amidst the allure of addiction and egocentrism prevalent in the industry. The song serves as a poignant reminder, echoed by family and friends, not to succumb to the pressures and “fade away.”

Beyond the music, Aday’s live performance in Dallas marked a memorable moment when he set aside his guitar, immersing himself in a crowd-surfing experience for the first time. With radio spins spanning Europe and the US, Carson Aday’s growing international presence reflects his commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity in a challenging industry.

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