Harmonious Odyssey Andrew Byars’ Debut Solo Single ‘Company’ Unveils a Sonic Journey

Andrew Byars, the multifaceted musician hailing from the California Bay area, unveils his solo prowess with the title track “Company” from his debut album. Formerly a key creative force in the San Francisco-based folk trio The Parmesans, Byars now embarks on a solo journey, weaving a sonic tapestry that reflects his diverse musical skills.


Produced by Luke Temple, who also lends his talents on bass, and accompanied by the rhythmic beats of Kosta Galanopoulos on drums, “Company” sets the tone for Byars’ solo venture. The trio converged at Kosta’s Long Beach, CA studio in April 2022, birthing a psychedelic, smooth folk, and rock fusion that permeates the track. The collaborative synergy is evident, with the trio ultimately recording four songs together, comprising a significant portion of the album. “Company” is a testament to Byars’ musical dexterity, as he not only takes center stage with vocals and acoustic guitar but also introduces the warm embrace of trumpets into the mix. The result is a cohesive blend of genres, where each instrument becomes a storyteller in its own right.

The track exudes a laid-back yet vibrant energy, inviting listeners into a soundscape where folk traditions meet contemporary psychedelic influences. Byars’ vocals carry a raw authenticity, painting vivid narratives that resonate with the soul. The collaborative effort between Byars, Temple, and Galanopoulos culminates in a debut track that not only marks a new chapter in Byars’ musical journey but also showcases the chemistry between artists who share a passion for crafting rich and immersive soundscapes. “Company” is more than a song; it’s an introduction to the musical universe of Andrew Byars, where each note resonates with the echoes of his artistic evolution.

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