“Tim Camrose’s ‘Empty Roads’ A Sonic Chronicle of Life’s Journey”

In the diverse tapestry of Tim Camrose’s life, the hat of a musician now sits comfortably, revealing a captivating chapter in the form of his  EP, “Empty Roads,” set to released on November 28, 2023. Camrose, a former junior doctor, money market trader, and surgeon, has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a singer-songwriter, offering listeners a contemporary rock odyssey through the highs and lows of his rich and varied experiences.


The titular single, “Empty Roads,” unfolds as a love letter to Camrose’s home city, London. As he strolled through its streets, the inspiration struck in the form of a sax riff, giving birth to a restless love song infused with remarkable horn work. It captures the heartbeat of the UK’s capital, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with the city’s energy. Another single, “I Didn’t Say,” reimagines a track from Camrose’s debut album into a poignant ballad rooted in deep grief and personal forgiveness. A profoundly personal composition, the song is a tribute to his parents, lost tragically within months of each other during Camrose’s youth. It serves as a cathartic reflection on the unspoken words, allowing forgiveness and appreciation to bloom.

The final single, “Scared Anymore,” is a heartfelt homage to Tim’s late brother. Though not explicitly about him, the song is a product of the emotions stirred during moments of reflection, creating a poignant and evocative piece. “Empty Roads” is not just a musical retrospective of Tim Camrose’s life but a universal exploration of themes like love, grief, discovery, and the concept of home. Each track is a sonic snapshot, resonating with audiences from all walks of life. As Camrose turns the pages of his past, he invites listeners to join him on a heartfelt journey through the melodies and memories of “Empty Roads.”

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