Knút’s ‘Hjartasláttur’ A Faroese Musical Odyssey Through Uplift and Vulnerability

In his fourth album, “Hjartasláttur,” Faroese singer-songwriter Knút embarks on a musical journey that transcends genres, melding modernity, psychedelia, and gospel influences into an intimate, heartfelt experience. Released on November 24th via Tutl Records, this album is more than a collection of tracks; it’s a profound exploration of emotion and artistic expression. The album’s genesis during the pandemic captures the essence of stillness, providing Knút with the opportunity to delve into his own musical world. Inspired by the challenging times marked by war, climate change, and pandemics, “Hjartasláttur” seeks to be a sanctuary of uplift, togetherness, and vulnerability. In an era dominated by worry and doom-scrolling, Knút envisions his music as a space to acknowledge life’s vulnerability, exploring the profound meaning of art, music, and beauty.


Arnar Eggert Thoroddsen, a socio-musicologist and critic, describes the album as having “shades of Sigur Ros, Talk Talk, and David Sylvian,” with an undiscernible Faroese folk/hymnal streak running through it. The tracks elegantly weave through modern sounds, psychedelic nuances, and gospel undertones, creating an ethereal atmosphere. There’s a touch of Faroese pop music from yesteryear in Knút’s DNA, and the album skillfully balances elegance, movement, and melody. As Thoroddsen aptly notes, “Hjartasláttur” unfolds as a meditative journey into Knút’s home country, where convoluted and paradoxical feelings arise. The album reflects a harmonious blend of strength and vulnerability, mirroring the resilience of both Knút’s heart and the Faroese spirit.

Produced by Knút in collaboration with Benjamin Petersen and the band, the album features Torleik Mortensen (bass), Per Ingvaldur H. Petersen (drums), and Mattias Kapnas (keys). Knút, a central figure in Faroese music for over two decades, proves once again his ability to innovate and inspire. “Hjartasláttur” stands as a testament to Knút’s musical prowess, offering a poignant and unforgettable listening experience.

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