Taydem Shoesmith Takes a Jazz Leap with “This, That”

In the ever-evolving soundscape of music, chart-topping artist Taydem Shoesmith emerges with a new jazz single, “This, That,”. A multi-talented individual, Shoesmith not only pens her music but also explores acting, proving that creativity knows no bounds. Growing up with an eclectic musical palette influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts, and Billie Holiday, Shoesmith’s musical journey spans singer-songwriter, pop, and alternative genres. Her track record includes the electro-pop hit “Are You Clapping?” released in January, garnering over 89K streams on Spotify and securing a spot in the UK iTunes Top 5.


Beyond the realm of music, Shoesmith’s passion extends to acting, where she’s taken on lead roles in various films since her debut in 2020. Her artistic versatility shines through as she not only performs but contributes music to films, showcasing a seamless blend of her talents. The genesis of “This, That” occurred during a drive, where Shoesmith contemplated the tendency to judge based on first impressions. The song, written in the third person, serves as her acknowledgment of this inclination, a candid expression of the desire to break free from such limiting judgments.

“I want to stop putting people in a box, and I want to stop putting myself in a box as well,” Shoesmith reflects. “I think that kind of restricted thinking will keep me from growing and learning new things.” The opportunity to delve into jazz arose when a friend presented a 1920s-inspired silent film concept with a “gender swap” twist. This unique backdrop became the canvas for “This, That,” positioning the track as the film’s theme song. Produced by Caleb Ostermann at ForteStudios, “This, That” not only marks Shoesmith’s foray into jazz but also demonstrates her ability to seamlessly adapt and captivate audiences. With its catchy melody and introspective lyrics, “This, That” is a testament to Shoesmith’s versatility, promising a compelling listening experience that transcends musical boundaries

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