Evergreen Echoes Tzion’s Lagoon Breaks Ground in Alt-Rock and Shoegaze Realms

Tzion’s Lagoon emerges as a promising force in the alt-rock and shoegaze scenes, delivering a fresh sonic experience that blends influences like King Krule and Ovlov. The band, with Tzion at the forefront, captivates with their unique sound, as showcased in the debut single “Evergreen.” The lineup, featuring Tzion, Bruno, Colton Hall, and Sam Zertuche, brings a dynamic energy to the stage, evident in their standout performance at Downtown Denton’s Andy’s. The band’s connection, forged through diverse encounters from childhood friendships to chance meetings, adds a personal touch to their musical chemistry.


Tzion’s Lagoon draws inspiration from ’90s shoegaze, ’80s post-punk, and jazzy indie elements, creating a textured and evocative sound. The debut single, “Evergreen,” takes its name from an Adventure Time character, yet delves into themes of personal reflection, feeling tainted by the world’s complexities, and a sense of displacement. Recorded and produced by Tzion himself, the single reflects his dedication to crafting a consistent sound. While the production journey faced challenges, especially in nailing the bass tone, it ultimately resulted in a polished and nuanced track.

As the band gears up for future releases, Tzion’s vision includes incorporating more band members into the production process to authentically capture their collective sound. The ethos behind Tzion’s Lagoon lies in a fusion of influences, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners seeking a blend of nostalgia and innovation. In the words of a fellow musician, “It’s like the perfect mix of Jazz and Punk.” Tzion’s Lagoon stands poised for further exploration and growth, offering a captivating introduction with “Evergreen” to the expansive sonic realms they are set to traverse.

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