“Love is Blue” Army of Lovers and Olya Polyakova’s Unlikely Musical Alchemy Marks a Triumphant Return

In a surprising fusion of sounds, European dance sensation Army of Lovers teams up with the charismatic burlesque diva from Ukraine, Olya Polyakova, in their latest single, “Love is Blue.” This unexpected collaboration is a sneak peek into the upcoming album titled “Exodus,” marking Army of Lovers’ triumphant return after a decade-long hiatus. The band’s visionary, Alexander Bard, promises not only a vibrant comeback but also an extensive tour to accompany the release.


Crafted by the talented duo of Alexander Bard and renowned songwriter Anders Hansson, a former member of the 80s disco group Secret Service, “Love is Blue” has already made waves on radio charts across Europe. The song is a power-pop anthem, seamlessly blending epic grandeur with clever self-irony. It’s a long-awaited treat for fans who have been yearning for the next “Crucified,” enriched by the resonant and powerful vocals of the Ukrainian diva. Olya Polyakova, a household name in Ukraine, brings her own unique flair to the collaboration. Recognized for her impressive shows that pack venues to the brim, Olya’s style combines nostalgic 80s vibes, operatic vocals, humor, burlesque, and stunning productions. In “Love is Blue,” she takes on the role of a feminine yet invincible Valkyrie, wielding love as her weapon and championing simple values of peace, love, unity, and respect.

Beyond her musical endeavors, Olya Polyakova has stepped onto the global stage, leading the Pride march in London in the summer of 2023. Her rising career in the European pop scene is marked by a warm embrace from the LGBT+ community, celebrating the arrival of a strong and extraordinary artist. “Love is Blue” not only serves as a testament to the diversity of sound but also as a symbol of Olya Polyakova’s ascent in the world of pop music. With “Exodus” on the horizon, Army of Lovers and Olya Polyakova are poised to make a lasting impact on the music landscape.

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