Storm Boy Unleashes Apocalyptic Anthem, ‘the Steam in the Room’

Post-hardcore rock outfit, Storm Boy, hailing from Olympia, Washington, has unveiled their latest creation, “the Steam in the Room,” set to premiere on YouTube this October 6th. Directed by Chas Roberts, the accompanying video transports viewers into a post-apocalyptic realm, where existential choices loom large. It grapples with the decision to either carry the fire until it consumes, becoming a beacon of hope, or to merge fire with other elements, birthing the steam that will fuel the future. Alternatively, one could choose to fade into acceptance and mere existence.


Roberts, reflecting on the song’s creation, revealed, “I had been engrossed in Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ and discussing with former Storm Boy guitarist, Ash Diaz, the concept of carrying the fire amidst the challenges of solitude in a post-apocalyptic world. We pondered how one would even establish trust with another person in such a reality… and that’s when I felt inspired to craft a post-apocalyptic love song… which, admittedly, may have turned out more anthemic than romantic!”

This isn’t Roberts’ first foray into post-apocalyptic realms, having previously produced the enigmatic theater event, “Get Loweded Gets Apocalyptic,” at Seattle’s renowned Re-bar in 2007, alongside Storm Boy bassist Jack Portwood, and comedians Danielle Radford and Emmett Montgomery. With its evocative narrative and sonorous intensity, “the Steam in the Room” stands as a testament to Storm Boy’s ability to navigate themes of survival and connection in a world on the brink. This latest release promises to be a poignant addition to their repertoire, cementing Storm Boy’s status as a band unafraid to explore the edges of musical expression.

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