Carley Varley, Unveiling Raw Emotions Through ‘Homesick’ EP

Carley Varley is an emerging alternative artist hailing from the UK, whose musical journey has seen her evolve from street busking in her hometown to gracing stages across the South West of England. Drawing inspiration from bands like Paramore and Linkin Park, Carley infuses rock elements into her compositions, demonstrating a remarkable blend of songwriting and musical prowess. Her lyricism delves into the complexities of relationships and her own resolute nature, echoing not only in her vocals but also in her instrumentation.


With a musical career that kicked off at the age of 14, Carley Varley has been making waves within the UK music scene. From her humble beginnings strumming on the streets of the South Coast, she has now taken the spotlight on main stages at prominent music festivals. In 2023, Carley unveils her latest EP, “Homesick,” offering a glimpse into her unique alternative indie sound and captivating storytelling. As a singer-songwriter, Carley’s sonic journey has evolved from acoustic performances to full band productions. Her music delves into themes of mental health, personal struggles, and narratives of others, crafting relatable and sincere melodies that resonate with every listener. “Homesick” EP grapples with subjects like jealousy, intrusive thoughts, relationship challenges, and anxiety, set against a backdrop of edgy and positive production.

A familiar presence on BBC Introducing, Carley has carved out her own genre and amassed a dedicated fan base. She has graced stages at Wickham Festival, Lymington Festival, Meadowside Festival, and earned recognition like the South Coast’s Venus Music Award for Musical Talent. Carley Varley’s music has been likened to the likes of Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Linkin Park, and Against The Current. With a substantial social media following, Carley actively shares advice for aspiring musicians and contributes international blogs for emerging artists. Her influence transcends borders, making her a notable figure in the indie music landscape.

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