Shaampoo Records Unveils Synth-Soaked Rendition of a Timeless Classic

Shaampoo Records, helmed solely by the multi-talented Bill Burke, offers a unique blend of originality and a touch of eccentricity, all wrapped in a familiar pop sensibility. From its inception in Sydney, Australia, circa 2012, the project transformed upon Burke’s move to London, where it took on its current musical focus. The name “Shaampoo Records” signifies a collection of artistic pursuits, a platform for Burke’s diverse musical tastes spanning from electronica to nu-wave and post-punk influences.


While the project’s roots may have been planted in London, Burke now finds himself back in Australia, incubating his next creative move. Amidst this journey, a particularly memorable moment stands out: an airport encounter in Barcelona, the Todd Terje and Brian Ferry rendition of “Johnny and Mary” serving as the soundtrack to a transformative moment of clarity amidst turmoil.As for the recent release, a rendition of Robert Palmer’s classic, Burke’s rendition is more than a cover—it’s a personal reflection, a battle with insecurities and a farewell to London, a city that’s shaped much of his artistic journey. Through its haunting synth-driven soundscape, Shaampoo Records’ rendition becomes a vessel for introspection and self-discovery.

In Burke’s own words, “Shaampoo Records, always has a bit of pink Neon.” This project, guided by a singular creative force, stands as a testament to the boundless potential of artistic expression in the hands of an independent, visionary artist.

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