Spread Hits the Bullseye Target Practice EP Unleashes Funk, Soul, and Hip-Hop Mastery

Spread, the versatile hip-hop maestro, steps into the spotlight with “Target Practice,” the inaugural release from his newly rebranded label, Just Due Records. This EP is a sonic testament to Spread’s multifaceted talents as an MC, DJ, producer, instrumentalist, and audio engineer. Collaborating with longtime friends, Jeremy Radway and Devon Ashley, Spread crafts a genre-defying blend of hip-hop, funk, and soul. Both tracks, “Target Practice” and “Slumpfunk,” delve into the universal struggle against societal labels and expectations, delivering a liberating, soulful experience. The EP’s rich instrumentation, featuring live drums, bass, trumpet, and sampled elements, creates a textured soundscape that pays homage to funk and soul influences. The chemistry between Spread, Jeremy, and Devon, cultivated over two decades, permeates every beat and lyric.


Spread’s journey from the West Coast back to the Midwest serves as the thematic core of “Slumpfunk,” narrating the resilience and creativity born from challenging times. “Target Practice” urges listeners to break free from societal molds and trust their unique path. The EP’s cinematic quality, coupled with Spread’s introspective lyrics, marks the beginning of a new phase for Just Due Records, promising a vault of musical treasures to come.

As Spread aptly puts it, “Practice visualizing your target to get out of any funk or any slump. Some are old, some are new, but we’ll all get our just due.” With “Target Practice,” Spread not only hits the bullseye but sets the stage for a compelling musical journey ahead.

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