The River’s Embrace Arthur Brouns’ Musical Journey Through ‘

Arthur Brouns, a Brussels-based maestro, invites us into the depths of emotion with his latest single, “The River (From ‘Blood Wedding’).” This musical gem is a crucial part of the soundtrack for Wim Vandekeybus’ theatrical marvel, ‘Blood Wedding,’ an inventive take on Federico García Lorca’s ‘Bodas de Sangre,’ commissioned by Internationaal Theater Amsterdam.Brouns, a musical art isan, expertly blends orchestral nuances, progressive electronica, and Bulgarian folklore, crafting an auditory tapestry that’s both unique and enthralling. The inclusion of ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices’ adds an ethereal vocal layer to the composition, enhancing its international allure.


The narrative of ‘Blood Wedding,’ set against the canvas of a loveless, arranged wedding in 1930s Andalusia, finds resonance in Lorca’s poetic prose. Brouns’ original soundtrack, notably showcased in “The River,” complements the play’s thematic tapestry with finesse. The evocative vocals, courtesy of ‘The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices,’ resonate with the play’s central themes of passion, risk, and defiance against societal norms. Brouns navigates effortlessly through diverse musical genres, crafting a timeless soundscape that blurs temporal and spatial boundaries. The orchestral and folkloric elements, coupled with the infusion of progressive electronica, contribute to the universal narrative embedded in the soundtrack.

The composition’s inspiration is a captivating fusion of sources. Drawing from Lorca’s fascination with Romani cante jondo and Bulgarian folklore, Brouns pays homage to these traditions while imprinting his unique signature. The collaboration with Belgian flute maker Winne Clement adds a primitive, atmospheric layer to the composition, emphasizing its raw, emotive nature. Born in 1994, Arthur Brouns emerges not just as a composer but as a versatile musical virtuoso. Beyond theatrical realms, his journey includes performances at illustrious stages like Tomorrowland and collaborations with esteemed orchestras such as the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. His impact extends into the film industry, where he has contributed orchestrations and compositions to projects like Klaus Häro’s “My Sailor, My Love” and Agnieszka Holland’s award-winning film “The Green Border.” In “The River (From ‘Blood Wedding’),” Arthur Brouns beckons listeners into a multi-dimensional musical odyssey, transcending borders and encapsulating the essence of Lorca’s timeless narrative with finesse.

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