Sandra Bouza, Igniting Souls with ‘Sit By The Fire’

Toronto’s own Sandra Bouza invites us to bask in the fiery glow of her latest single, ‘Sit By The Fire,’ a soul-stirring anthem drawn from the deep wellsprings of southern rock. The track, now available on all major streaming platforms, is the fourth glimpse into her upcoming album, ‘A Sound In The Dark,’ slated for release on September 29th.’Sit By The Fire’ resonates as a poignant ballad that navigates the tempestuous terrain of living life at breakneck speed. Bouza reflects, “I think it’s really a song about burnout, in any industry or lifestyle, just trying to fit everything in all at once. And you always have this voice in the back of your head, or maybe a friend or influence telling you to slow down.”

Known for her musical versatility, spanning R&B, Soul, and Rock, Bouza weaves a rich tapestry of experiences into her artistry. Having traversed the globe and soaked in the vibrant culture of Spain, her songwriting bears the mark of a worldly perspective. Returning to her native Toronto in 2018 after years of globetrotting, Bouza swiftly made her mark by clinching the Toronto Blues Talent Search and securing second place in the city’s esteemed Soul Slam competition. The release of ‘Three Years’ EP in 2018 and the subsequent full-length album ‘Falling Away From Me’ in 2020 signaled the arrival of an artist poised for greatness.

During an artist’s residency on Halls Island, Bouza crafted the essence of her upcoming album, ‘A Sound In The Dark.’ Here, her powerful vocals and evocative songwriting converge, solidifying her unique artistic voice. With ‘Sit By The Fire,’ Sandra Bouza not only ignites souls but solidifies her standing as an artist of exceptional promise.

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