A/V CLvB, Unveiling the Toxic Realities of Relationships through Sonic Landscapes

“Cellar Door,” the first single from the upcoming EP “Dumbwaiters to Die For,” thrusts listeners into the tumultuous world of a toxic relationship entangled in deceit and materialism. A/V CLvB, the collective behind this alternative rock opus, is a musical fusion of indie, emo, shoegaze, and grunge, characterized by dynamic structures that fluidly oscillate between divergent moods. Comprising Avery Gordon (vocals, rhythm guitar), Braeden Muir (vocals, lead guitar), Noah Liddy (bass), and Cameron McLaughlin (drums), A/V CLvB’s genesis stemmed from high school connections and a shared passion for music. Avery’s invitation to Noah and the fortuitous encounter with Cameron solidified the band’s lineup.


Influenced by an eclectic array of alternative and emo bands like Modern Baseball, Title Fight, and Basement, A/V CLvB has graced various DIY and club venues in the South Shore area. Their shows are marked by intriguing gifts to the audience, ranging from fuzzy worms to sourdough bowls, encapsulating their distinctive charm. “Cellar Door” found its sonic home at Quiethouse Recording, meticulously engineered and mixed by Dereck Blackburn. The song’s genesis was steeped in Avery’s fascination with the film “Donnie Darko,” ultimately inspiring the track’s title.

Lyrically, “Cellar Door” delves deep into the intricacies of a relationship marred by disloyalty, materialism, and duplicity, laying bare the toxicity that permeates both sides. As Noah Liddy succinctly puts it, the music of A/V CLvB is the embodiment of “alternative bruh music,” a testament to their unique blend of genres and the raw, unvarnished emotions they evoke.

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