“Chromatic Aberration”: Procrastinatrix’s Sonic Odyssey

Prepare to embark on a sonic journey like no other with Procrastinatrix’s latest album, “Chromatic Aberration.” Hailing from Wales, this musical virtuoso weaves a tapestry of experimental electronica, pushing boundaries and defying genres. With synthy basslines, glitched textures, and infectious breakbeats, the album is a testament to the boundless potential of electronic music.


Scheduled for a Bandcamp release on September 11th, followed by availability on streaming services from the 15th, “Chromatic Aberration” showcases Procrastinatrix’s innovative prowess. Armed with Ableton, Drum Machines, and Synths, he crafts a genre-defying fusion of pop-infused electronic soundscapes. The genesis of Procrastinatrix’s musical odyssey can be traced back to the onset of lockdown, marking the beginning of a full-time musical immersion. Influenced by electronic luminaries like Aphex Twin, ?-Ziq, Add n to (x), Bonobo, Orbital, his sound encompasses a diverse spectrum of electronic sensibilities.

As a live performer, Procrastinatrix graces stages with the Welsh Electronic Music Society, leaving audiences spellbound at venues like The Moon on Womanby Street in Cardiff. His tracks have also received well-deserved recognition on BBC Introducing, particularly the evocative “Chewing Gum Sculpture.” Adding a touch of whimsical intrigue, the album’s cover art features Moonie, the enigmatic one-eyed cat from Ystradgynlais. “Chromatic Aberration” is a testament to Procrastinatrix’s ability to seamlessly blend bouncy beats, haunting melodies, and intricate sound design, resulting in a truly original sonic narrative. Each track in “Chromatic Aberration” carries its own distinctive emotional imprint, from the pulsating energy of “Morphogenic Field” to the poignant ode of “A Beautiful Sense of Loss.” Procrastinatrix invites listeners on a deeply personal yet universally resonant musical journey.

Through sleepless nights and unwavering dedication, Procrastinatrix has not only birthed an album but an immersive sonic universe. This release heralds a new chapter in his artistic evolution, beckoning listeners to embark on a transcendent voyage through sound. In the words of Procrastinatrix himself, “Your favourite band you’ve just never heard of” – a proclamation that couldn’t be more fitting for this extraordinary musical force.

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