“Sam Y Nona” A Sonic Odyssey of Perspective and Positivity

JSDAVANI’s latest project, “Sam Y Nona,” is a unique and intricate piece of art that invites listeners on a journey through a world of experimental sounds and thought-provoking concepts. The album carries a distinct and refreshing energy, resonating with a diverse audience. While its avant-garde nature might not cater to everyone, it stands as a testament to the artist’s unapologetic creativity.


The brainchild of multimedia artist and multi-instrumentalist Jacoby Davani, JSDAVANI’s music is a fusion of various influences, mediums, and genres. The project’s roots trace back to Davani’s involvement in the experimental music and arts scene in Atlanta, GA, during his time at Georgia State University. This period of creative exploration and collaboration laid the foundation for JSDAVANI’s distinctive sound. “Sam Y Nona” emerges as a conceptual piece, exploring the interplay between positivity and negativity through its protagonist, Sam Winona/Y Nona/Anonymas. The album’s tracks interweave like pieces of a puzzle, revealing a symmetrical composition that invites deeper analysis. The centerpiece, “opportunityisnowhere,” introduces elements of ASMR into a downtempo experiment, offering a versatile listening experience suitable for both productivity and relaxation.

One standout track, “overdue, phone call long,” features the voice and words of Jacoby’s close friend, Supreet Singh (aka Prince Prospero). This collaboration adds a personal touch, further enriching the album’s narrative. The spoken word recording is seamlessly integrated into the track, exemplifying JSDAVANI’s skillful fusion of elements.

“opportunityisnowhere” not only serves as a title for this project but embodies the ethos behind JSDAVANI’s creative endeavors. It encapsulates a profound concept: the interpretation of opportunities based on one’s perspective. Whether seen as “opportunity is now here” or “opportunity is nowhere,” it unveils different ways of perceiving the world. The production of “Sam Y Nona” unfolded organically, providing a therapeutic outlet for the artist. Each element fell into place naturally, contributing to the album’s cohesive and immersive experience. With plans for future releases and collaborations on the horizon, JSDAVANI’s creative journey promises to continue evolving.

“Sam Y Nona” stands as a testament to JSDAVANI’s unwavering dedication to pushing artistic boundaries. It invites listeners to embrace a world where sound becomes a vehicle for introspection and exploration. This album is more than a collection of tracks; it’s an invitation to dive headfirst into a sonic odyssey that challenges perceptions and inspires new perspectives.

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