Repetition to Extinction, Fury of a Dying Planet’s Thunderous Wake-Up Call

“Fury of a Dying Planet” strikes a powerful chord with their latest release, “Repetition to Extinction.” This metal-infused track serves as a poignant commentary on the selfishness and apathy of mankind in the face of a suffering planet. The raw, unapologetic anger that fuels the song is palpable, resonating with an audience eager for music that mirrors their frustrations.


In a world inundated with trivial headlines and materialistic obsessions, “Fury of a Dying Planet” brings forth a stark reminder of what truly matters. Doug Rimington, the driving force behind the project, draws inspiration from the urgency of environmental issues highlighted in the Netflix documentary, “Seaspiracy.” This catalyzed the creation of a six-track opus, marrying elements of prog and metal with thought-provoking, eco-conscious lyrics.

Joined by Paul Brigstock on vocals and artist Bec Dennison of Bullet on a String, the collective effort manifests in a visceral experience. Brigstock’s vocals add a layer of intensity, perfectly complementing Rimington’s musical vision. Dennison’s artwork, from the haunting logo reflecting fading life on the planet to the captivating ’80s themed posters, serves as a visual extension of the project’s powerful message.

Doug Rimington’s plea for environmental mindfulness is both urgent and eloquent. He reminds us that amid the chaos of celebrity scandals and brand obsessions, our ability to feed our families and breathe clean air should take precedence. It’s a stark truth, often overlooked in our pursuit of fleeting trends and momentary escapes.

As a London-based musician and producer with an impressive repertoire, including credits with Heart Through Sacrifice, Voodoo Diamond, and The Superhelix, Doug Rimington brings a wealth of experience and passion to “Fury of a Dying Planet.” With every aspect of the music, from composition to production, bearing his mark, Rimington’s dedication to the cause is evident.

“Repetition to Extinction” stands not only as a musical achievement but as a powerful call to action. “Fury of a Dying Planet” reminds us that the fate of our planet rests in our hands, and it’s high time we took heed. With masterful engineering by Chris Allan and final touches by Justin Hill, this release is a testament to the potential of music as a catalyst for change. “Fury of a Dying Planet” isn’t just making music; they’re igniting a movement.

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