Revving Intuition, P0STERGIRL’s ‘Monstertruck’ Sets the Stage for ‘ENGINE’ EP

P0STERGIRL’s upcoming single, “Monstertruck,” hits with the force of a roaring engine, a prophetic warning to its creator. Produced and masterfully honed by Al Wade, with additional co-production by P0STERGIRL herself, the track serves as an uncanny premonition of entanglements with ill-fated companions. As the artist reflects, “I should have heeded my own counsel embedded in this song; my instincts were shouting at me. ‘Monstertruck’ unveiled the true nature of those I was about to cross paths with, long before I could discern it for myself.”



The forthcoming EP, ‘ENGINE,’ slated for release in September 2023, promises a fusion of unfiltered introspection and bold, angular production. Inspired by themes of escapism, hedonism, and spirituality, P0STERGIRL taps into the primal mechanics that propel her forward in the whirlwind of life.

Labelled an alternative art-pop sensation, P0STERGIRL, known off-stage as Marnie, is a London-based artist and tarot reader. Her music strikes a chord with fans of Phoebe Green, Lime Garden, and St. Vincent. It’s a sonic journey that not only entertains but resonates deeply, connecting with the vengeful goddess within us all.

In the realm of music and mysticism, P0STERGIRL’s work transcends mere auditory experiences. With “Monstertruck” as a harbinger, listeners can anticipate an EP that delves into the intricacies of existence, guided by a fiercely intuitive creative force. As the release date draws near, brace yourself for an introspective ride through the uncharted territories of the soul.

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