Sacha Mullin’s “Casino Wilderness Period” A Sonic Tapestry of Artistic Fearlessness

Chicago’s musical landscape is no stranger to Sacha Mullin’s unique blend of genre-defying artistry, and his third solo album, “Casino Wilderness Period,” is a testament to his fearless exploration of sound. Produced by the avant-rock luminary Todd Rittmann (of U.S. Maple and Dead Rider fame), the album weaves together elements of rock, jazz, R&B, and introspective songwriting.


Backed by a stellar lineup of industry heavyweights, including Emily Bindiger, Judi Vinar, Annmarie Cullen, and Mem Nahadr, Mullin’s vocals soar and entwine with the music, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Lead single “Arranging Flowers” is a sonic tour de force, delving into themes of celebrity worship and existentialism, set against a backdrop of propulsive drums and haunting vocals. “Telepathy” showcases Mullin’s R&B sensibilities, blending seamlessly with Vinar’s jazz improvisations and Cullen’s solid grounding. The song culminates in a bold gospel choir, exploring themes of connection and clarity. “Margaret” infuses disco and country elements into a funereal ballad, while “Waves” pulsates with heartache, and the closing track, “Window Out,” is a cinematic masterpiece invoking ghostly whistle tones and poignant echoes of Burt Bacharach.

Dog & Pony Records, in collaboration with Dipterid Records, brings this exceptional release to life. Both labels, dedicated to showcasing music on the margins, recognize Sacha Mullin’s commanding yet vulnerable voice and his ability to defy conventions. Influenced by artists ranging from Kate Bush to Joni Mitchell, Mullin has crafted a highly harmonized, distinctive sound that sets him apart. With “Casino Wilderness Period,” Sacha Mullin invites listeners on a journey through sonic landscapes, pushing boundaries and transcending genres. This album is a testament to Mullin’s unwavering commitment to artistic fearlessness and his ability to create music that is both evocative and profoundly moving.

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