Embracing Teenage Angst Elijah Mann’s ‘Alone’ Unearths Raw Emotions

In his latest dark folk/rock single, “Alone,” Elijah Mann takes us on a journey back to the tumultuous relationships of his youth. With intentionally melodramatic lyrics, the song serves as a time capsule, capturing the angsty spirit of a 16-year-old grappling with the ‘will they/won’t they’ scenarios of young love. Mann’s haunting vocals paint a vivid picture of late-night phone-checking, embodying the frustrating need for connection and acceptance. The musical landscape of “Alone” is a fusion of rootsy classical guitar, chaotic electric guitars, and synths, drawing inspiration from modern folk troubadours like Ben Howard and indie rock luminaries like Medium Build and Glen Hansard. Mann’s vocals effortlessly transition from a frail baritone to a soaring, screaming tenor, mirroring the anxieties and complexities of adolescent romance.


Collaborating with video game developers Ursa Mayhem Media, Mann crafted “Alone” as a plot song for their upcoming game “Here There Be Bears.” The track serves dual purposes: a love song addressed to the main character, intertwined with the looming fear of getting lost in a cave. The lyrics echo, “Just ahead I hear your humming invitation saying ‘Find me please. Baby, we don’t have to be alone.'” Produced by Adam Tilzer, known for his work with artists like Keith Richards and Norah Jones, “Alone” marks Mann’s sixth release. The song ventures into new sonic territories while encapsulating timeless emotion.

Hailing from Connecticut, Elijah Mann has made a name for himself in indie music scenes across the US. His cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut To The Feeling” garnered critical acclaim and has amassed nearly 2 million Spotify streams. Mann’s journey, culminating in “Alone,” has seen him evolve into an electro-folk powerhouse. Based in New York, he has graced iconic venues like Mercury Lounge and The Bowery Electric. As the latest addition to Mann’s discography, “Alone” serves as a poignant reminder of the raw intensity of teenage emotions, encapsulated in a melody that lingers long after the final chord fades away.

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