Rusty Reid’s “Rio Frio”,  A Lone Cowboy’s Ballad

Rusty Reid, the American indie-folk-pop-country-rock maestro, presents a haunting tale in his latest release, “Rio Frio,” a track hailing from his album “Bayou Line: Songs from Houston.” This song unfolds a chapter in Texas history, set against the backdrop of the Republic of Texas, that fleeting period after gaining independence from Mexico. It’s a narrative woven with a cowboy’s lonesome reflection by the icy banks of the Frio River.


“Rio Frio” was conceived as part of a rock opera chronicling Texas’ past. Although the larger project met its demise, “Rio Frio” stood as a luminous exception, capturing a vivid slice of history. Reid paints a vivid picture, alluding to a wounded cowboy, perhaps an outlaw, on the cusp of mortality, his thoughts drifting to a distant love on some secluded island.

The song is a departure from contemporary musical landscapes, offering a unique blend of country-rock and folk-pop, seasoned with Reid’s distinctive songwriting. The track’s rarity, amidst today’s echo chamber of homogenous playlists, makes it a standout gem.

Rusty Reid’s “Bayou Line” is more than just an album; it’s a resurrection of bygone melodies, breathing new life into them with a cadre of accomplished musicians. This collection spans a spectrum of emotions, from the rollicking “Look Out Louisiana” to the introspective “Corner of My Mind,” showcasing Reid’s evolution as a songwriter.

“Bayou Line: Songs from Houston” is a testament to Rusty Reid’s ability to unearth treasures from the past, giving them wings to soar anew. “Rio Frio,” with its evocative storytelling and distinctive sound, stands as a testament to Reid’s mastery in narrative songcraft.

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