No Drinks on the Dancefloor Unleash Debut Single “Devil Eyes”

Essex-based quartet, No Drinks on the Dancefloor, burst onto the scene with their electrifying debut single, “Devil Eyes.” This track is a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication, from meticulous craftsmanship in the studio to the relentless drive in promotion. The result? A high-octane anthem pulsating with catchy riffs and lyrics that resonate universally.


“Devil Eyes” transports listeners to the sticky floors and vibrant atmosphere of indie clubs, capturing the essence of their energetic beats and infectious melodies. Comprising four mates from Essex, this dynamic ensemble is poised to make a resounding impact on the music scene.

Their journey, from jamming in cramped school music rooms to gracing the legendary stage at Chinnery’s in Southend, speaks volumes about their tenacity. This single release marks a pivotal moment for the band, as they join the ranks of iconic acts like Arctic Monkeys and Nothing But Thieves.

The track itself is a tour de force, characterized by a memorable pre-chorus riff and a chorus that hooks you from the first note. The influence of early 2000s indie bands, particularly Arctic Monkeys, permeates the song, reflecting a sonic lineage that has shaped the band’s distinctive sound.

Frontman Jack Solder elucidates the song’s universality, noting how its lyrics serve as a canvas for diverse interpretations. Whether navigating the throes of newfound romance or the aftermath of a turbulent breakup, “Devil Eyes” offers a musical mirror for listeners to reflect their own experiences.

No Drinks on the Dancefloor don’t just deliver a debut; they ignite a promise of revitalization in the local music scene and a surge of indie rock’s resurgence. “Devil Eyes” is not just a song; it’s a seismic announcement of a band poised for greatness.

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