Project 1268’s “Bravery and Apathy”: A Sonic Revolution

Arkansas-based duo Project 1268 has unleashed a remastered version of their rock anthem, “Bravery and Apathy,” originally featured on their 2022 compilation LP, “Scarce Commodities.” Comprising the genre-blending talents of Craig Brown and Haley Webster, this duo has forged an alt-rock/punk masterpiece that hits hard and leaves a resonating message.


Haley’s powerhouse alto vocals soar over Craig’s synth-driven melodies, creating a dynamic fusion that’s both commanding and gritty. The track’s raw energy is elevated by the tight-knit rhythm section, courtesy of regular collaborators Aaron Mashburn, Mike Matz, and Quentin Ames, alongside remaster engineer Brian Reding.

The roots of Project 1268 trace back to a profound friendship forged in high school, rekindled years later in Fayetteville, AR. From this reconnection, the duo birthed Project 1268 in 2020. Since then, they’ve crafted a rich discography, including two full albums, over 20 songs, and a handful of captivating music videos.

“Bravery and Apathy” stands out as a bold departure into a heavier rock sound for the duo. This remastered release breathes new life into a track that’s emblematic of Project 1268’s commitment to fearless musical exploration and unapologetic social commentary. It’s a pulse-pounding sonic revolution that demands to be heard, and once experienced, listeners will undoubtedly return for more, cranking up the volume each time.

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