Riding the Emotional Waves Annakye’s ‘Ocean’ Sets a New Grunge Rock Standard

Annakye, a six-piece band boasting two dynamic front singers, has unleashed their latest grunge rock offering, “Ocean.” This powerful track delves into the complexities of love and the intricate dance of emotions within a relationship, especially when intertwined with the challenges of mental health. Formed in 2020 in Australia, Annakye is steadily making waves in the alt-rock scene.


“Ocean” is a vivid exploration of the turbulent seas of love, where highs and lows crash against each other, mirroring the ebb and flow of mental health. With Lukas and Cameron at the vocal helm, complemented by Joel on drums, Richard and Ben on guitars, and Carlos on bass, Annakye’s sonic arsenal is rich and dynamic. The song doesn’t shy away from addressing the raw, emotional upheaval that often accompanies mental health struggles. It encapsulates the feelings of confusion, desolation, and fleeting moments of hope. Recorded on the Central Coast under Ron’s guidance, Annakye rekindles their successful collaboration with esteemed audio engineer Brent Kolatalo, known for his work with music icons like Taylor Swift and Janet Jackson.

“Ocean” showcases Annakye’s evolution, blending elements of Pop Punk and Classic Rock with finesse, thanks to top-tier production. Following their debut single “Too Far South,” the band has evolved into a more formidable force, ready to ignite any stage they grace. Currently, Annakye is on tour, delivering their electrifying show “Too Far South” to audiences across Australia. With performances in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, and Queensland, they’re leaving an indelible mark on the live music circuit. “Ocean” is not just a track; it’s a testament to Annakye’s musical prowess and their ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with listeners.

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