Sentiments EP, A Sonic Tapestry of Emotions and Ethereal Journeys


In the intricate weave of music, Sentiments EP stands as a vivid tapestry, carefully threaded with four distinct stories that resonate with the human experience. Each track unfurls a unique narrative, painting emotions against the backdrop of a world in perpetual motion. “Sentiments” opens the journey, a symphony of emotions entangled in the tumultuous whirlwind of our surroundings. It’s a musical mirror reflecting the complexity of feelings stirred by a chaotic world.


“Oublié” emerges as a poignant reflection, featuring a poignant warning from none other than Alexander Gerst, the astronaut. Through his words, the track serves as a call to awareness, urging us to heed the signs and navigate the course of existence with purpose. “Retroviseur” beckons us into a realm of respite, a sanctuary where one can linger in the embrace of slumber, momentarily escaping the trappings of reality. It’s a gentle lullaby woven with the threads of daydreams.

“Jusqu’à ce que le soleil se couche” invites us to journey with two souls as they traverse the cosmic expanse. It’s a serenade to the boundless universe, an ode to the dance of celestial bodies, and a testament to the eternal ebb and flow of existence. Sentiments EP stands as a testament to the profound artistry of its creators, weaving together a tapestry of sound and story that transcends the boundaries of conventional music. With each track, we embark on a new voyage, exploring the depth of human emotions and the boundless cosmos. This EP is a testament to the power of music, which has the ability to speak directly to the soul, offering solace, reflection, and an invitation to journey beyond the confines of the ordinary.

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